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Episode 1: Dr. Joy Lawson Davis
September 28, 2022

Joy Lawson Davis, Ed.D. is a career educator with over 40 years of experience as a practitioner, scholar, author and consultant. In addition to local district and university experiences, Davis served for five years as the Virginia State Specialist for K-12 Gifted services. A graduate of the College of William & Mary, Dr. Davis holds both master’s and doctorate degrees in Gifted Education. Davis has conducted workshops, been a long-term program consultant, and served as a keynote speaker and distinguished guest lecturer across the nation, in South Africa, the Caribbean, Dubai UAE & Turkey. Diversity Education and Gifted Education are her areas of special expertise. Dr. Davis served for five years on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Gifted Children. She has published numerous articles, technical reports and book chapters and is the author of the award-winning book: Bright, Talented & Black: a Guide for Families of African American Gifted Learners and Gifted Children of Color Around the World: Diverse Needs, Exemplary Practices and Directions for the Future, co-edited with Dr. James L. Moore III. Davis is the Special Populations columnist for the NAGC publication: Teaching for High Potential and serves on the Gifted Child Today advisory board. Dr. Davis was recently awarded the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted organization (SENG). She also is an instructor at Bridges Graduate School.

You can contact Dr. Joy Lawson Davis via email (, Twitter (@davis_joy), or Facebook (WeAreGifted2 Educators & Community Group).

Episode 2: Modeling Gifted Joy
October 26, 2022

This month Maria Kennedy, in conjunction with The G Word’s Gifted, Talented and Neurodiverse Awareness Week, will be talking about Modeling Gifted Joy. Her panel will include Marc Smolowitz, Ken Dickson, Barry Gelston, Cindy Hansen, Sam Young, and Tiffany Chaiko.

Do you want to know how to model, identify, create and promote joy with your students, clients, or children? Then this is an episode you must watch.

Find out more about The G Word’s Gifted, Talented and Neurodiverse Awareness Week.


Episode 3: Creating a Supportive Community
November 9, 2022

Our host Maria Kennedy and her guests discuss creating a supportive community for you and your 2e person. Her panel includes Andrea Finnegan, Barry Gelston, Callie Turk, Cindy Hansen, Lin Lim-Goh, and Marna Wohlfeld. Do you want to know how to find people like you who are making a difference by providing services, connections, insights, support, advocacy, and building 2e safe communities? Tune in.



Episode 4: Bridging the Gap Between High School and College
December 14, 2022

Our host Maria Kennedy and her guest Elizabeth Hamblet discuss what parents can do to better prepare their neurodiverse children to succeed in college — and how those students can support themselves throughout the journey.

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Episode 5: Overcoming Underachievement, What You Need to Know
January 25, 2023

Maria Kennedy chatted with Dr. Lin Lim of Bridges Graduate School about how to overcome underachievement in twice-exceptional learners. Dr. Lim holds a doctorate in psychology (Boston University), an Academic Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching (Johns Hopkins University), and a certificate Twice-exceptional Education (Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education).


Episode 6: How Self-Determination Counters Lack of Information and Access to Mental/Behavioral Health Services in Communities of Color
February 15, 2023


Maria Kennedy chatted with Dr. Tatiana Cura about the role self-determination can play in assisting certain populations. Dr. Cura is the Founder of SKILLS and Clinical Director of Lifelong Consumer Programs and Services. Providing self-determination programs as well as other services for kids and adults with ASD and related disorders, Dr. Cura believes in a person-centered approach and curated treatment plans to help those with learning differences to live their most independent lives. Website:


Episode 7: How Passion Drives Success
March 15, 2023


Maria Kennedy chatted with Institute of Neurodiversity Chair Charlotte Valeur and her son Giles about the difference finding their passion has made in their lives. Valeur has been called a boardroom diversity champion. In July 2020, Valeur said that she is on the autism spectrum and launched the Institute Of Neurodiversity just over a year later.


Episode 8: IEP Advocacy
April 26, 2023


Maria Kennedy and Marisol Chianello from Learning Rights Law Center discussed strategies that empower parents to become their child’s advocates throughout the IEP process.


Episode 9: Strength-Based Learning
May 10, 2023


What is strength-based learning and how can it benefit students? Maria Kennedy chats with Drs. Susan Baum and Robin Schader about how a strength-based approached can bring the best out in twice-exceptional (and beyond) students.


Episode 10: Mental Wellness
May 24, 2023


In recognition of Mental Health Month, this episode explored strategies to improve adult and student mental wellness. Host Maria Kennedy chatted with Anahid Koumriqian, who holds an M.Ed. in 2e education from Bridges Graduate School and is the parent of 2e children.

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