DATES: Sept. 8–Dec. 15 (14 weeks)
DAY: Tuesdays and Thursdays (2 days per week)
TIME: 8:30am–9:30am PST (1 hour)
GRADES: 9 –12
TUITION: $1,880

  • -Drawing materials (Digital or traditional) according to personal preference:
    •      -Pencils, paper, pens, colored pencils (paint probably gets too messy)
    •      -Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai or Procreate
  • -The ability to transfer images or files to a shared google drive (ie a scanner, camera phone, exporting PSDs)





Stories are a cornerstone of human civilization — not to mention, an awful lot of fun. But what makes stories matter? What makes a character memorable and fictional worlds fantastic? This online class will dissect what makes a good story great, and how design makes that happen in visual narrative media. For cartoonists, comic book artists, game designers, and cinema geeks, this is a crash introduction, or excellent refresher, about how to make our stories look AND feel compelling. We will be investigating shape design, costume design, and worldbuilding to see how these elements come together to create the universes we love so dearly, and learning how to build our own worlds along the way.

In this online course we will be covering:

  • The fundamentals of what makes a story matterThe who’s, what’s and why’s of a narrative
  • How to make a story look like it matters
    • Shape Design
    • Color Theory
    • Composition
    • Lighting
  • How all of these factors tie together to create the memorable aesthetics we love

Students will walk away from this course with their own intellectual property, packaged, polished, and ready to pitch.