In the EPIC Explorations program, students channel their passions into substantive accomplishments that pave the way toward higher education and future careers. Developed over five-years at Bridges Academy, the program helps students build vast knowledge and skills in their areas of passion. Students who have been successful in our program have gone on to college with an unmistakable advantage over others in their fields and majors.


The inaugural cohort is now full. If you would like additional information about applying to future cohorts please email onlinecourses@bridgeseducationgroup.com.




The EPIC Explorations model leverages students’ strengths to help them build vast knowledge and skills in their areas of passion within a community of learners.  Using a digital badge-based system, students design their own courses of study, developing goals, tasks, and benchmarks to amass a body of work in their areas of interest. The process — which we call EPIC (Exploration, Planning, Implementation Closure) — involves close support from faculty coaches during regular video conferences, scaffolding for executive functioning and discipline-specific skills, as well as guidance for project and portfolio management.  Each EPIC exploration has built-in requirements, including reading relevant texts, conducting interviews, participating in experiential activities, and delivering presentations. The scope of students’ work must involve explicit interdisciplinary awareness resulting in thorough, deep coverage of their topic. Students who successfully complete the process, which takes six months on average, obtain formal certification in their area of interest, earning a digital badge showing evidence of achievement and producing a portfolio piece that can be used as a component of a resume, professional profile, or college application. 



After an initial exploration assessment with a program coach, students in our program embark on a four-phase process that guides project management and completion: Exploration, Planning, Implementation, and Closure.

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For more information please email onlinecourses@bridgeseducationgroup.com