We are very proud to offer a new type of community-driven, student-developed and led summer course. Join us for a summer of Minecraft!

DATES: WEEK 1 (6/7-6/11) | WEEK 2 (6/14-6/18) | WEEK 3 (6/21-6/25)
​TIME: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. PT 
​​TUITION: $450
TECHNICAL/MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS: Any computer with a working Minecraft Java account 
INSTRUCTORS: Devin Parks/Anna Schaerf

We are very proud to offer a new type of community-driven student developed and led summer session course! Join us for a summer of Minecraft! Under faculty guidance, this series of course offerings has been (and will continue to be) developed and led by Bridges students/alumni to create the absolute best possible experience and learning environment for all players, from complete beginners to crafting experts!

Courses will be split into two main groups based on grade level (with possible skill exception) but we will keep at least one large server open for the duration of the summer so all players will be able to be part of the same community!

Course 1 (Week 1): We will be teaching fundamentals, underlying core concepts, and introductory lessons about the game itself, especially in the beginner course. The advanced course will be introducing more technical game play for experienced players to enjoy a harder challenge for the outset. We’ll be exploring, building, and discovering as much as we can about optimal teamwork, limited resource allocation, cooperation vs competition metrics, efficiency and much much more!

Course 2 (Week 2): We will continue to expand our Minecraft community and push our developments to the limit. We’ll be opening the end at the end of course 2 to do the first dragon fight!

Course 3 (Week 3): We will be offering a hardcore mode (third life) each week with leaderboards and prizes. As players get eliminated, they will then move over to our original server to work on large scale projects and challenges. Unlike the main server this will only be open during the class hours.

Potential Additional Courses: Similar in structure to Course 3, the specifics of these courses and additional ones beyond are still under development and the quantity offered will be dependent on demand. We are also considering offering a repetition of Course 1 and 2 again later in the summer if the demand of signups exceeds our current limitations.

Accordingly, let’s get some demand going! Even if you have a logistical obstacle and don’t think you’ll be able to attend the week you register for, feel free to sign up regardless and then shoot me an email of how we can better meet your needs:

Any players may join later weeks of the course without having participated in the previous courses, however it is strongly recommended to take them sequentially. Brand new players should try to make sure to get into a Week 1 course for the best introduction, however we will be able accommodate any new students for any week of the course!

We’re super excited and looking to continuously develop the program and community. Hopefully everyone interested will have a chance to join our Bridges Minecraft community! LESSSSGOOOOO!!!! 🙂