Consulting and Professional Development

Consulting and Professional Development

Student in classroomCultivating the strengths and supporting the needs of twice-exceptional (2e) students can pose a number of unique challenges for educators and parents. The asynchronicity of 2e students’ profiles coupled with the constraints of traditional educational environments can put stressors on the classroom, the home, and the individual student. But these stressors are manageable, given the right understandings, knowledge, and strategies.

The 2e Center at Bridges Academy provides consulting and professional development to parents, educators, and schools. As expert partners, we tailor our services to the nuanced needs of the individual or organization. We provide support both virtually and in person, with our highly skilled 2e professionals presenting workshops and facilitating custom-designed programs.

We offer multiple services for parents and educators.


  • Custom-designed individual sessions
  • Parenting 2e children
  • Creating a strength-based, talent-focus learning plan for your child’s teachers, school, and district
  • Understanding & assessing your child’s strengths, gifts, and talents

Courses are available for individuals, PTAs, homeschoolers, and other groups.

Schools & Educators:

  • Custom-designed individual and whole-school programs
  • Workshop: Understanding 2e
  • Workshop: Curriculum development for 2e Students
  • Workshop: Developing learner profiles



In addition to the 2e Center offerings, the Bridges Education group provides institutional development services. This includes custom-designed programs for board development for small schools; new school or program startup support; leadership assessment; strategic planning; and more. Visit the Bridges Education Group site for more information.

Please use the form below or contact us via direct email ( to inquire about which professional development or consulting opportunities are best for your school, district, or family.


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